Upcoming Identity Events in Middle East

calendar_month January 31, 2020

This article brings before you the most popular upcoming identity events in the Middle East this year. Check them out: Seamless Middle East 2020 The event dates are 25th & 26th March...

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Understanding ID4D: World Bank Group Identity Initiative

calendar_month January 29, 2020

We are making efforts to bring for all of our audiences the global identity initiatives that has been shaping the future of identity innovations. In this article, we introduce to you...

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All you need to know about ID4Africa

calendar_month January 27, 2020

Being an ID Management company, we bring before you information about ID4Africa. This organization has been contributing immensely to Identity Management Space. On this note, we have decided to...

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Identity Management Case Studies from all corners

calendar_month January 25, 2020

We would like to start the new year by bringing you the real identity management use cases based on biometrics from around the world. The biometric technologies range from fingerprint, Iris,...

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Top 5 trends for Identity Management in 2020

calendar_month December 18, 2019

We all are aware that the future of identity innovation includes increased use of biometrics. We have seen that happening all through 2019. In 2020, we see the trend of brining in blockchain...

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Enrolment Devices in Biometrics Identity Management

calendar_month December 11, 2019

We all understand the key process of biometric identity management include enrolment and authentication. Initially a person is enrolled into biometric ID management system, by capturing his...

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Applications of Identity Management in Enterprises

calendar_month December 4, 2019

It has also become a quality standard that enterprises need to take care of employee security and benefits in a structured manner. We bring in multi-modal biometrics in a combination to enrol and...

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Biometric Services in Identity Management

calendar_month November 20, 2019

When it comes to biometric identity management, we mostly speak of solutions, devices, integrations and stuff, but one another key component that completes the process are the services that...

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Role of Biometrics in Civil ID Solutions

calendar_month November 13, 2019

Civil Identity is an aspect for citizens of any country to claim the services and benefits of the government schemes. Many countries have a National ID program where in they capture and maintain...

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How Iris Recognition Works?

calendar_month November 6, 2019

Iris Recognition is a fool proof biometric based identity solution. It is the process of taking a high contrast photo of a person’s Iris and storing in the database, which later is used for...

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Trends affecting Biometrics in BFSI Industry

calendar_month October 15, 2019

The upcoming generation of biometrics leverage smart devices for the sake of reach to a larger audience. Smart devices also support in gathering high quality of data, also the speed and accuracy...

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The developing role of biometrics in Banking Technology

calendar_month October 11, 2019

There is a time in the past we saw in science fiction based action movies like James bond where people were identified through biometric data. However, the technological advancements over the last...

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