The growing need for Biometric Payment Systems

calendar_month October 8, 2019

In this blog, the focus is on the growth of biometric payments. It touches upon the aspects contributing to the growing use of biometric smartcards in payments space and a look ahead on how this...

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Impact of Biometrics on Banking and Financial Services

calendar_month September 29, 2019

Biometrics has influenced lives on a large note and thereby impacted many business verticals. Out of different verticals, banks and financial services work on sensitive information related to its...

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Applications that use Facial Recognition

calendar_month September 22, 2019

About 7 years ago, the world was taken by surprise when Google announced a breakthrough that their AI models have learned to identify cats on YouTube. This is a classic example of the advancement...

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Recent trends in Biometric Identity Management

calendar_month September 10, 2019

There is a lot of research and innovation happening in all corners of biometric identity management to make authentication more convenient and secure. The need for human identification is...

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