Biometric Services in Identity Management

calendar_month November 20, 2019

When it comes to biometric identity management, we mostly speak of solutions, devices, integrations and stuff, but one another key component that completes the process are the services that connects all of the above components. A complete biometric identity management system includes integrated solution with biometric devices, scalable and secure database and key personnel to capture biometrics, maintain database, remove duplicates and maintain the system.

The key biometric services include Enrolment, De-duplication, Authentication and Data Management.

Enrolment Services:

Enrolment Services are based on our TrueID Multimodal biometrics platform. We can provide enrolment services for any kind of cross industry applications including Civil ID, Criminal ID, Border ID and Enterprise ID. Key Services include Proof of Concept for Enrolment, Project Management, Design and Development of Enrolment Application, Train and Deploy skilled people to perform enrolment services on the ground.

De-duplication Services:

We can build a De-duplication System that is capable of performing demographic de-duplication, fingerprint de-duplication, face de-duplication, Iris de-duplication and Multi modal de-duplication. Biometric quality measurement is the most important aspect of the system that ensures a continuous improvement process by providing feedback to the enrolment team about the quality of their data. 

Authentication Services:

Authentication Services helps to identify or verify a person’s identity before they claim a service or welfare entitlement or for any other services. Our Authentication services enables the governments to confirm that citizens are “who they say they are” before delivery of benefits and services. It also to take the banking services through branchless banking to the doorsteps of unbanked and under banked remote areas. Also enables the Corporates and enterprises to provide secure access in their premises.

Data Management:

Data Management plays an important role in the identity project. Data Capture, Data Formats, Data Storage, Data Matching & Data Infrastructure are important components of Data Management Services to Biometric based identity management programs. The Database needs to be secure, scalable and responsive as it holds very sensitive information of the citizens or group of people.

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