All you need to know about ID4Africa

calendar_month January 27, 2020

Being an ID Management company, we bring before you information about ID4Africa. This organization has been contributing immensely to Identity Management Space. On this note, we have decided to bring in more awareness about them to our readers and followers on social platforms.

ID4Africa is an NGO that works with African countries to help them build a robust identity ecosystems in service of development and humanitarian action. The organization is driven by the need to create identity for all as a practical need to enable seamless access to services in Africa.

Africa has been registering economic growth year on year, but the benefits are unevenly distributed. To overcome this the governments need to perform social inclusion. To perform this, there is a clear need for robust national ID system to provide identity to all citizens so that they can access government services by proving their eligibility. If the government entitlements reach the right beneficiaries, then the region would record an excellent economic growth. ID4Africa works towards this with all the African countries.

The Movement’s activities are planned around an annual campaign cycle, which runs from the fiscal period July 1 to June 30 in the year following the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each cycle begins by engaging the ID4Africa community through research and situation analysis in order to update the understanding of Africa’s priorities and challenges in identity matters. This informs the Movement’s strategy and dictates the mix of activities that will constitute the annual campaign.

ID4Africa conducts events around the Identity management and brings in its unique experiences for participants. In these conferences all ID experiences are discussed, shared and exchanged. Current events that happen at ID4Africa include The ID4Africa Ambassadors Summit, The ID4Africa Identity Council and Roundtable of African Data Protection Authorities and Continuing Development for Identity Professionals. ID4Africa also has a community of identity management professionals and companies to further meet, discuss challenges, explore opportunities. Overall ID4Africa has been instrumental in building an Identity ecosystem for African Countries and stands as source of inspiration for other global regions.

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