Enrolment Devices in Biometrics Identity Management

calendar_month December 11, 2019

We all understand the key process of biometric identity management include enrolment and authentication. Initially a person is enrolled into biometric ID management system, by capturing his biometrics like fingerprint, Iris. These details are stored in a database. Later when the person needs to be authenticated, we verify their biometric data with the stored biometrics in the database. On finding the exact match, the person is authenticated.

Biometric devices play a key role in enrolment of people into biometric ID system. The most common devices we use at TrueID with respect to fingerprint and Iris are – Fingerprint Slap Scanner & Iris Capture Devices

Fingerprint Slap Scanner

TrueID works only on FBI-certified fingerprint live scanners to capture high resolution fingerprint images. These devices come in with advanced optical technology that enables high speed image capture and seamless image processing. An effective design of the scanner along with easy to integrate SDK marks its use by TrueID in all of its fingerprint capture projects. The key features of this device include:

  • The scanners unique design is coined as Ergonomic design which tends to improve the device performance
  • Compact scanner with portable all in one live scanner for four finger slaps.
  • Dust and Water proof device
  • FBI certified device for Civil ID and AFIS applications
  • Fast and easy capture of fingerprints from dry and wet fingers.
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Fingerprint Quality, Sequence and Automatic Segmentation are apt.

Iris Capture Devices

TrueID works on the most advance dual eye iris recognition devices with automated acquisition and quality checks. TrueID uses these advanced Iris capture devices in real time identification applications like Civil ID, National ID so on. They key features of these devices include:

  • Dual Iris and Face Capture
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • High Accuracy Rate
  • High Resolution Image with superior quality
  • Proven User Experience
  • Large Capture Area
  • Eye Liveliness Detection

We use the same devices on our TrueID multimodal platform which is a combination of multifactor biometrics of face, fingerprint & Iris. For more questions on the enrolment devices for large identity projects, you can write to us on info@trueid.in