Role of Biometrics in Civil ID Solutions

calendar_month November 13, 2019

Civil Identity is an aspect for citizens of any country to claim the services and benefits of the government schemes. Many countries have a National ID program where in they capture and maintain the biometrics of their citizens and verify their identity at the time of government service delivery or entitlements he/she as a citizen of the country are eligible for.

We at TrueID, are making an effort to outline the possible different Civil ID programs. The list of Civil ID programs possibly include National ID, Election ID, Welfare & Entitlement ID to name a few.

Nation ID:

Integrated National Identity Management System is important to Governments for delivery and maintenance of centralized national identity database and multipurpose ID cards to its citizens. The system incorporates biometric technologies for the Governments for positive identification of its citizens and to provide various services to its citizens in a secure and fool proof manner. Integration of accurate identification brings on the benefits of national security, improved service delivery and significant savings to the governments.

Many countries capture the Multimodal biometrics like fingerprint, Iris and face to authenticate its citizens. World’s largest national ID program is implemented and successfully practiced by India for about a decade now. 

Election ID:

Election ID normally involves eligible elector’s multi biometric enrolment at Registration centres |Centralized multi modal de-duplication to ensure one voter ID for one voter |Issuance of Election ID Cards to voters | Authentication of voters and poll officials at the polling booths | Secure electronic voting and hard copy printout for auditing | Voting machine enabled with GPRS for continuous monitoring | Authentication of poll officials at point-of-counting PKI encrypted data communication to secure Biometric Data Transfer

Welfare & Entitlement ID

Integrated Biometric Welfare Identification Systems and ICT technologies to establish Unique Identity for efficient and effective delivery of entitlement and welfare programs like Social Security Pensions, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Housing, Child welfare, Women Welfare, Cash Transfer etc. It can assist in eliminating fraud in the welfare systems.

Civil ID programs are mostly aimed to governments delivering service to the citizens who are actually eligible for it. It helps remove fraud in the system there by saving millions of dollars and above all it ensure every penny spent reaches the right person who is eligible for it. For more information, you can visit us at