Understanding ID4D: World Bank Group Identity Initiative

calendar_month January 29, 2020

We are making efforts to bring for all of our audiences the global identity initiatives that has been shaping the future of identity innovations. In this article, we introduce to you ID4D initiative of World Bank Group. ID4D is a cross-sectoral platform that creates and leverages partnerships with United Nations agencies, other donors, non-government organizations, academia, and the private sector.

ID4D brings global knowledge and expertise across sectors to help countries realize the transformational potential of digital identification systems. It operates across the World Bank Group with global practices and units working on digital development, social protection, health, financial inclusion, governance, gender, and legal issues.

The goal of the ID4D is for all people to be able to access services and exercise their rights, enabled by digital identification. This will be achieved by supporting countries to build inclusive and trusted identification systems, including civil registration, using multi-sectoral approaches and appropriately leveraging innovative digital and other solutions.

ID4D supports client countries with facilitating access to peers, technical experts and practitioners in digital identification planning, implementation and related topics. To meet this growing demand, ID4D has a Technical Expert Group (TEG) of external of practitioners who have either worked for or advised to governments in the design and roll out of digital identification.

We at TrueID whole heartedly appreciate this initiative of ID4D which involves many countries from the globe. The current operation project size is about1 billion US dollars across 46 countries. For information please visit www.id4d.worldbank.org