Identity Management Case Studies from all corners

calendar_month January 25, 2020

We would like to start the new year by bringing you the real identity management use cases based on biometrics from around the world. The biometric technologies range from fingerprint, Iris, Voice, Vein and multimodal biometrics. The applications of the biometrics in identity  management has an element of inspiration. In this article we bring before you couple of use cases.

Las Vegas Police Use Case

Las Vegas police used facial recognition technology to identify a man suspected of punching another at a car show, local media reports.

Ernesto Cortez, 38, was arrested Jan. 8 and charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, court records show. The Metropolitan Police Department identified Cortez through facial recognition technology and surveillance footage of a man punching another at a car show near UNLV on Nov. 23, according to Cortez’s arrest warrant.


Kenya Bank to give loans using facial recognition

A digital bank in Kenya plans to use face recognition for credit identity checks.

The feature is set up as a user sets up the app by uploading a selfie as well as the back and front of the national ID.

The bank says the newly introduced feature has a capacity to prevent a borrower’s information from being infiltrated by a potential third party fraudster. 

Indian Bank implements Iris Recognition

India’s Axis Bank has become the first bank in India to introduce iris biometric authentication feature on micro ATMs for Aadhaar-based transactions

The bank said the new service, which requires a customer to scan their iris on a tablet, will boost financial inclusion efforts by making Aadhaar authentication process hassle-free and offering easier access to digital banking for consumers especially in the rural parts of the country.

All these case studies are real time from different corners of the world that drives home the point that advanced biometrics are the need of the hour to identify and authenticate people who avail services from government/ banks. Biometrics also help in speedy investigation of police cases.