Applications of Identity Management in Enterprises

calendar_month December 4, 2019

It has also become a quality standard that enterprises need to take care of employee security and benefits in a structured manner. We bring in multi-modal biometrics in a combination to enrol and authenticate employees. We create a database with biometrics of all employees which can be used in multiple ways.

Biometrics in corporate can include multiple applications ranging from security to access control. Most common applications of an Enterprise would include:

Time & Attendance Management

This is the basic need of all enterprises. There are a range of solutions from traditional practices to smart identity cards based swipe management. However the introduction of biometrics in time and attendance management ensures to remove proxy or duplication in attendance. It ensures to keep a check on employees and helps increase productivity. The biometrics based dashboard enables you to keep detailed track of time and attendance of employees.

Access Control

Every enterprise carries confidential information and confidential areas of work where one would like to give access only to their most trusted employees. Biometrics enable you to define access paths to employees based on work hierarchy. You can instantly access detailed log of every access point to monitor who passed through the access point at any given point of time.

Visitor Management

Enterprises can capture the biometrics of frequent visitors and keep track of their visits. You can restrict them to only a predefined visitor arena in your office. This feature contributes to a better security management practice in an enterprise.

Blacklist & Watchlist Management

All of us come across a situation where employees resort to some kind of fraud or misbehaviour knowingly or unknowingly. We will have to be cautious with employees who have shown suspicious attitude at work place. We can manage them using biometrics through blacklist and watchlist features. Put the respective employees in blacklist or watchlist to have a detailed monitoring activity at all times.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management is the next step after Time & Attendance Management. You can link the payroll to the time and attendance management module accurately so that the employees only get paid for what they have actually done. This feature brings in discipline in the organization and results in improved productivity.

Alert Management

When you have your employees under a biometric management and monitoring system that clocks their attendance, restricts access , process payroll so on, sometimes the employees get frustrated and tend to force any device around him. In such cases a centralized alarm is raised to the administration team. Similarly if a device is not performing as desired, similar alerts can be set up.

Dashboards & Reports

All reports can be accessed in real time, from anywhere, anytime. The reports gives you multiple points of information as per your desired view meaning it is highly customizable. The reports are only visible to senior management and authorized leadership team.

These are some of the most common biometric applications that any enterprise would generally need. Based on the specific nature of the enterprise or industry vertical, more advanced biometric applications may be used as per their need. For more information, please write to us on