Top 3 Biometric Identity Management Blogs on Internet

calendar_month February 26, 2020

As a biometric Identity Management company, we are bringing out for our audience the top three biometric based identity and access management blogs on Internet. These blogs have the reputation of providing relevant and reliable content from time to time. The blogs have not been listed in any particular order. We are just drafting an article with the blogs we follow to stay up to date with the industry and market trends.

Biometric Update

Since its inception in 2007, Stephen Mayhew and Allison Heather along with their team have put in credible information about upcoming industry events, conferences, latest industry news so on. In due course of time, the website became a source of industry reference to research about the global or local biometrics market. Every day they ensure to publish original articles, interviews, videos and podcasts with a focus on global developments in biometric technology.

Planet Biometrics

Planet Biometrics is driven by UK based company and published its first post in 2011 under the able leadership of its founder Mark Lockie. If you have just started a career in biometric space, you must subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated with industry expert views, analysis and covers breaking innovations in biometric identity management space. The website is exclusively focused on the global biometric industry with a hallmark of providing professional and informative content.

Find Biometrics

It has been a pioneer in the space of biometric identity management industry content with its inception dating back to 2002, when its president Peter O’Neill encouraged his team to put together biometric industry news, informative articles most probably the first time in the industry. Later they started publishing interviews with industry leaders, exclusive videos that provide in-depth look at pressing biometric issues in the community. Their modality based biometric vendor list is always trending over internet.

We at TrueID, firmly believe that these three blogs are for everyone. We are always taken by surprise with respect to the effort these blogs put in to publish reliable and research based content to empower everyone in the biometric identity management community globally.

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