Meet the Top Influencers in Biometric Identity Management Space

calendar_month April 14, 2020

TrueID is making an effort to list the influencers in Biometric Identity Space along with combined expertise in Cloud, Security etc. The identified influencers have contributed immensely to...

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The Role of Barcodes in Biometric Identity Management

calendar_month April 2, 2020

Yes, you read it right, we are referring to the same barcodes that are used in a local supermarket or a retail outlet in the nearest mall. From your experience in the mall, you should have...

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Identity Access Management: Why It Matters?

calendar_month March 31, 2020

The days of storing office data on external devices like CDs and hard disks are long gone! Today, many organizations work is performed in a cloud using multiple devices. This makes data accessible...

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Blockchain and Biometrics Combined Provide Enhanced Security

calendar_month March 27, 2020

The largest and most common use of blockchain until now has been seen only in cryptocurrencies. But the very fundamentals that make blockchain the perfect method of circulating and using...

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4 Ways Organizations/Governments Can Ensure Security Of Their Biometric Data

calendar_month March 25, 2020

Safeguarding your information with a complex password is not sufficient for preventing a data breach. Instead of opting for a “something you know” type password, companies are now relying...

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All About Amazon Handwave Payments

calendar_month February 29, 2020

Being a biometric based Identity Management company, we have worked on touch free fingerprint technology for authentication of people. We really look forward towards touch free technology that...

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Top 3 Biometric Identity Management Blogs on Internet

calendar_month February 26, 2020

As a biometric Identity Management company, we are bringing out for our audience the top three biometric based identity and access management blogs on Internet. These blogs have the reputation of...

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Understanding Digital Identity Alliance – ID 2020 Manifesto

calendar_month February 24, 2020

As discussed in our previous articles, we continue to look around for global digital identity associations and alliances and bring the information about them to our audience. This time we bring to...

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Can Biometrics and IoT complement each other?

calendar_month February 22, 2020

We today carry biometrics in our pocket to protect our data on smart phones. Biometrics are easy to integrate with other systems and it is difficult to duplicate the biometric credentials as they...

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Upcoming Identity Events in Middle East

calendar_month January 31, 2020

This article brings before you the most popular upcoming identity events in the Middle East this year. Check them out: Seamless Middle East 2020 The event dates are 25th & 26th March...

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Understanding ID4D: World Bank Group Identity Initiative

calendar_month January 29, 2020

We are making efforts to bring for all of our audiences the global identity initiatives that has been shaping the future of identity innovations. In this article, we introduce to you...

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All you need to know about ID4Africa

calendar_month January 27, 2020

Being an ID Management company, we bring before you information about ID4Africa. This organization has been contributing immensely to Identity Management Space. On this note, we have decided to...

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