Meet the Top Influencers in Biometric Identity Management Space

calendar_month April 14, 2020

TrueID is making an effort to list the influencers in Biometric Identity Space along with combined expertise in Cloud, Security etc. The identified influencers have contributed immensely to the growth of the industry and are in senior roles extending their expertise for the benefit of the community.

1. Graham Cluley

Graham is a reputed blogger and authors He has been one of the top influencers in the world of InfoSec as well as biometric identity management. His knowledge and in-depth discussions have helped his earn a spot in the InfoSecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2011. In addition to this honor, he is also listed as one of the top 10 ‘Greatest Britons in IT History’ of all time. He has worked with a number of organizations earlier and is currently an independent security analyst, and also conducts presentations and media appearances on various InfoSec topics.

2. Andras Cser

Currently listed as the Vice President and Principal Analyst in Security and Risk Management at Forrester Research, Inc, Cser has been a veteran in the field of identity management for several years now. He has expertise in not just one but multiple facets of biometric identity management such as access management, user account provisioning, privileged identity management, etc.

3. Lasse Andresen

Andresen has been an expert in both cloud computing as well as identity management services since 2000. He has been keen in this field and his passion has helped in serve various roles in multiple organizations for decades now. He has been a member of Sun Microsystems, and GravityRock, and he been a co-founder of ForgeRock until September of 2019. Since November of the same year, he has started a new organization known as Stealth Mode Company.

4. Heather Flanagan

She is the Principal at Spherical Cow Consulting and specializes in a number of fields related to biometrics and identity management. Her organization is known for enabling various companies and their applications communicating with each other for identity management and verification. Flanagan herself has been actively involved in contributing a lot in these fields in terms of academics and researches.

5. Brian Iverson

Known for having an eccentric Twitter account but sharp observations in the field of Identity Access Management (IAM), Iverson has been the Director of the Secure Business Enablement department at Gartner, among other roles. he identified himself as a ‘strategist and deployment expert’ who has 25 solid years of experience under his belt. he specializes in web access management, identity federation, SoD Controls and Monitoring, IAM Program Management, etc. He currently is the Senior Vice President of the IAM Strategy department at the Bank of America.