All About Amazon Handwave Payments

calendar_month February 29, 2020

Being a biometric based Identity Management company, we have worked on touch free fingerprint technology for authentication of people. We really look forward towards touch free technology that allows buyers to check out items without cards in a retail store just by waving their hand to make payment.

As per the source of various articles and videos doing a buzz in the market we understand Amazon is working on checkout terminals where customers can wave and pay in the food store owned by Amazon. This technology is patent pending from Amazon. This news on handwave payments have taken the industry by surprise and we are happy to see the next generation of biometric payments unfold.

Sources say Amazon has already tested the system at its New York office, where its employees use handwave payment methodology to buy eatables from their office store such as chips, chargers and drinks as quoted by New York Post report. The whole concept has evolved to remove the long queues at payment counters in retail stores.

On analysis of the concept, we understand that it is a simple biometric principle of storing customer biometrics and authenticating at the time of payment by liking his payment info to the biometric system. However the mind blowing aspect of this concept is the customer just needs to wave his hand without touching it to pay. The technology seems to build on mapping out every curve, line and gestures on the hand which is stored and linked to payment system.

The system is said to carry out the payment in less than 300 milliseconds with high accuracy. We all at TrueID await to see the experience in real time in all the Amazon stores across the world. We wish Amazon a 100% success in its mission. Please note that this article is based on different sources of information across the internet public domain.

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