Automated Biometric Identification System

calendar_month April 28, 2020

ABIS or automated biometric identification system is an autonomous and real time identity identification platform that leverages biometrics traits in order to recognize individuals. This involves comparing biometrics such as fingerprints, retina/iris, facial or voice scan against a database. Some more sophisticated systems may also use other identifying traits such as body language, behaviour analysis and digital fingerprint analysis. This system is used all over the world by governments and private businesses alike. Some of specific use cases for ABIS are as follows:

Border Identity Management

The IDENT platform is a centrally managed Automated Biometric Identification System variant. It is used everyday to automatically tag and identify individuals entering the country’s borders through airports, sea ports and other border checkpoints and to conduct routine investigations. This system is also used as a tool in background information check of individuals who apply for positions that require some kind of security clearance.

Refugee Management

The above mentioned variant of ABIS is used for processing refugee and political asylum requests.

VISA Application Management

Embassies across the world use the ABIS system to scan and tag visa applications against various criminal databases. This check is mandatory in many long term visa applications. It is also used in processing of E VISA applications for providing automated and hassle free online E-VISA services.

Patient Identification Management

The ABIS system is used at various hospitals and emergency medical care centers across the world. They use this system in order to identify patients who do not have any identification document with themselves during admission. It is also used to identify people who may have injuries that make it impossible to make a positive identification through traditional methods.

Employee Verification Management

The business world uses the ABIS system to perform background and identity checks on potential employees. Since the enterprise sector employs a large workforce the ABIS system is used to automatically scan identities of potential employees against criminal databases before onboarding.

Law Enforcement Identification

The ABIS system is used for building nation-wide criminal identification system.

E Passport

Many countries now provide E passports to their citizens for increased convenience. This new kind of passport holds all biometric information of the individual on the passport itself which can be used to quickly and accurately verify identity.

Banking and Insurance Sector

In many high value transactions Banks use ABIS for increased security. The insurance sector uses ABIS for providing automated enrollment and claim processing facilities.