Benefits of Blockchain and Biometrics Combination

calendar_month August 26, 2022

Individually, both Blockchain and Biometrics are the most disruptive technologies of this time. And the combination of Biometrics and Blockchain can provide mutual benefits to each other. The...

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Advancements in Iris Recognition

calendar_month August 19, 2022

Iris recognition is one of the most accurate methods for identity verification. It was introduced first in 1994 by John Daugman, and since then many methods have been used to enhance...

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How to Use Smart Cards for Payments?

calendar_month August 12, 2022

Smart cards are cards that have a built-in integrated chip carrying information. These can be made of plastic or metal and can be used either by physical contact or wireless connectivity. A...

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Role of biometrics in IoT

calendar_month July 29, 2022

In today's digital era, almost every device has the eagerness to not only connect to the internet and harness its benefits but also to connect with its fellow devices. The large number of IoT...

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Is Contactless Fingerprinting ready for mainstream adoption?

calendar_month July 22, 2022

Is Contactless Fingerprinting ready for mainstream adoption? In a state-funded report, contactless fingerprinting technology (CFP) was described as an effort to collect and add fingerprints to...

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What Is Reusable Identity?

calendar_month July 15, 2022

Reusable identity is a new approach when it comes to the management of digital identity. There is currently in place a complex procedure when it comes to identity management. Reusable identity has...

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Biometrics in Patient Care

calendar_month June 30, 2022

Biometrics is making its way into every industry today and has been instigating the need to implement biometrics, particularly for identity needs. In healthcare, the significant demand for...

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How does Iris Recognition System Work?

calendar_month June 17, 2022

Iris Recognition is a fool proof biometric based identity solution. It is the process of taking a high contrast photo of a person’s Iris and storing in the database, which later is used for...

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Types of Fingerprint Recognition Techniques

calendar_month June 10, 2022

Fingerprint Recognition refers to the computerized technique of verifying a suit between two human fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of many types of biometrics...

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How biometrics help in Law Enforcement?

calendar_month May 20, 2022

In 2019, a middle-aged man was caught at the Washington Dulles International Airport for carrying a false French passport. The airport authorities used facial recognition, compared his data with...

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Using biometrics for SIM Card registration

calendar_month May 13, 2022

Many countries are now making it mandatory for their citizens to use biometrics for SIM card registration. This is to curb the use of mobile phones as a potential weapon for unscrupulous...

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Open Source Biometrics

calendar_month May 6, 2022

Being a reliable and convenient method of access control, biometrics is widely being used throughout the world. Starting from unlocking your smartphone to authorizing identity cards of national or...

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