Impact of Biometrics on COVID-19

calendar_month June 11, 2020

During this global pandemic, many communities, businesses, organizations, and ABI research analysts have analyzed the long and short term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on biometrics and similar...

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Does the new facial recognition need only your eyes?

calendar_month June 3, 2020

Russia, China, and Japan are the reigning experts in the world of facial recognition, and contrary to popular belief already have advanced technology in place when it comes to facial recognition....

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Busting 3 Biometric Technology Myths During The Covid-19 Crisis

calendar_month May 27, 2020

The current pandemic has increased our reliance on various biometric technologies. From infrared scanners to detect body temperatures to facial recognition programs to track Covid-19 patients;...

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Mobile Biometrics Explained

calendar_month May 5, 2020

Hand held devices are slowly eradicating the need to have a number of facilities that were considered indispensable a couple of decades back. Starting from banks and ATMs to haute couture...

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Automated Biometric Identification System

calendar_month April 28, 2020

ABIS or automated biometric identification system is an autonomous and real time identity identification platform that leverages biometrics traits in order to recognize individuals. This involves...

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How can Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence simplify air travel?

calendar_month April 21, 2020

Industries grow when they adopt and invest in the latest technologies. The airline industry is no exception to this. It has to constantly evolve and adapt to the latest trends in technology to...

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Meet the Top Influencers in Biometric Identity Management Space

calendar_month April 14, 2020

TrueID is making an effort to list the influencers in Biometric Identity Space along with combined expertise in Cloud, Security etc. The identified influencers have contributed immensely to...

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The Role of Barcodes in Biometric Identity Management

calendar_month April 2, 2020

Yes, you read it right, we are referring to the same barcodes that are used in a local supermarket or a retail outlet in the nearest mall. From your experience in the mall, you should have...

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Identity Access Management: Why It Matters?

calendar_month March 31, 2020

The days of storing office data on external devices like CDs and hard disks are long gone! Today, many organizations work is performed in a cloud using multiple devices. This makes data accessible...

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Blockchain and Biometrics Combined Provide Enhanced Security

calendar_month March 27, 2020

The largest and most common use of blockchain until now has been seen only in cryptocurrencies. But the very fundamentals that make blockchain the perfect method of circulating and using...

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4 Ways Organizations/Governments Can Ensure Security Of Their Biometric Data

calendar_month March 25, 2020

Safeguarding your information with a complex password is not sufficient for preventing a data breach. Instead of opting for a “something you know” type password, companies are now relying...

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All About Amazon Handwave Payments

calendar_month February 29, 2020

Being a biometric based Identity Management company, we have worked on touch free fingerprint technology for authentication of people. We really look forward towards touch free technology that...

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