Benefits of Blockchain and Biometrics Combination

calendar_month August 26, 2022

Individually, both Blockchain and Biometrics are the most disruptive technologies of this time. And the combination of Biometrics and Blockchain can provide mutual benefits to each other. The benefits that Blockchain can bring to Biometrics are as follows:

  • Immutability
  • Accountability
  • Availability
  • Universal access

On the other hand, Biometrics brings the following advantages to Blockchain:

  • More secure digital identity models
  • New use cases (e.g., smart devices)
  • Biometric wallets

In both cases, the integration of Biometrics and Blockchain further complements both the technologies.

How Blockchain benefits Biometrics

The immutable property of Blockchain can be used by Biometrics to build secure template storage. Blockchain also increases the accountability and auditability of stored data to check and prove to a third party that the data has not been modified. Also, a public blockchain provides availability and universal access to all users.

How Biometrics benefits Blockchain

Now let’s see what Biometrics brings to the plate of Blockchain and Biometric integration. Biometrics could help enhance the existing distributed digital identity schemes based on Blockchain. They could also help with smart devices. Currently, the issue of adequate identification is unsolved. The addition of authentication protocols based on Biometrics should significantly enhance the current level of security in smart devices

Benefits of combining Biometrics and Blockchain

Following are the three most important benefits of combining Biometrics and Blockchain.

Seamless verification and identity management

With Blockchain infused with Biometrics, the end users can have complete control over a distributed ledger with their information and can also actively view who accesses and shares data within the ledger. Tech companies can make use of this integration to develop solutions for identity management that keep verification data safe in a distributed ledger.

Blockchain-based smartphones

Blockchain-based smartphones are already on the market and are being developed more as the technology matures. This implication of Blockchain and Biometric integration helps secure the data in phones as it is stored in the Blockchain itself. Since blockchain is an immutable technology, unauthorized access is not possible which keeps biometric data secure.

Blockchain-based iris authentication

This integration is a unique concept to prevent malicious attacks over a transmission at an untrusted server. This concept encrypts the iris templates to guarantee confidentiality and the smart contracts concept from Blockchain to ensure the integrity of the templates and matching results. 


As we can see, the initial benefits of Blockchain and Biometric integration are significant and they further enhance the existing capabilities of each other. This is still a budding concept, however, as technologies improve, this integration can prove to be a game changer in the field of distributed ledgers and their security. There is still an ocean of possibilities left to explore.

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