Using biometrics for SIM Card registration

calendar_month May 13, 2022

Many countries are now making it mandatory for their citizens to use biometrics for SIM card registration. This is to curb the use of mobile phones as a potential weapon for unscrupulous activities. But how does using biometrics help in bolstering SIM card registration? This article will help you explore that question.

Biometrics technology has evolved as a much safer option for identity verification today and is being adopted across industries. What makes this technology so trustworthy is the fact that for identifying a person it uses parameters that are unique to them like voice, face, retina/iris, fingerprints/palm.

SIM card registration through biometrics

The governments of those countries where the biometric regulation laws are currently in practice require the wireless mobile operators to collect personal information as soon as a person purchases a pre-paid SIM card. This is because SIM swap frauds are mostly reported with pre-paid SIMs. Once the mobile companies have the personal information of their customers handy they can share them with the government agencies whenever they need to carry out investigations relating to SIM card frauds.

Benefits of using biometric technology

When you get your SIM card registered through biometrics, it becomes your verifiable identity token as the SIM card becomes associated with that registration. So, from next time onwards whenever you use your phone to make a purchase, pay your bills, or perform any other important activity, your identity is immediately authenticated.

And to make this whole exercise of biometric implementation successful, the governments need to join hands with other essential bodies to educate the mobile operators. This includes teaching them how to make proper use of the technology and enhance the overall system performance.

Biometrics technology has curtailed the risk of fraud to a considerable extent, helping strengthen national security.

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