Inclusion of biometrics in Micro Finance

calendar_month February 28, 2023

Microfinance is helping people across the country allowing those who live in remote areas to get access to finance. Microfinance companies are taking transactions to small towns and using POS...

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Incorporating Biometrics in POS device

calendar_month February 14, 2023

In this sleek technological era, biometrics are being incorporated into the POS or Point Of Sale devices. This biometric system makes business operations much faster, safer, and smoother. In this...

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Importance of biometric security in the 5G era

calendar_month February 6, 2023

The introduction of 5G technology for communication will mark a major milestone in the technology world. It will completely revolutionize how people connect and help in automating a variety...

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Implementing a Business Security System

calendar_month January 18, 2023

Adopting a corporate security system is among the finest things that can happen to any corporation, but after you fully comprehend everything. Implementing a security system in an organization can...

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Why biometrics is inevitable in 2023?

calendar_month January 11, 2023

In the next few years, biometrics will be an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. By 2023, it is expected to become a vital tool for security, authentication, and personal identity....

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Modernizing SMEs with Biometrics

calendar_month January 4, 2023

Biometric identification has been used since the 19th century when police started using it to check fingerprints. Since then biometric technology has grown with applications in security function,...

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How your breath can be used for biometric authentication?

calendar_month December 23, 2022

Fingerprints and iris scanning have been used for biometric authentication for a long time. They are common features available on smartphones and use your biometrics for authentication. Scientists...

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Advanced MFA with Biometrics

calendar_month December 16, 2022

The best method for defending enterprises from malicious hackers is multifactor authentication (MFA). According to some estimations, an effective MFA approach can stop 90% of threats. Thus,...

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How biometrics is contributing to a green revolution?

calendar_month December 9, 2022

Biometric authentication has become a common practice in most companies. The increase in risks have led to companies adopting stringent security practices to safeguard themselves and their data....

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The Rise of Biometric Payment Cards

calendar_month November 25, 2022

A biometric payment card is a credit or debit card that uses fingerprint recognition to authorize transactions. The cardholder's fingerprint is stored on the card and is used to authenticate...

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Understanding Biometric Passports

calendar_month November 18, 2022

Biometric passports are the next generation of travel documents and are poised to replace traditional passports shortly. Here's everything you need to know about them. Biometric passports, also...

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Identity Management with Cloud Orchestration

calendar_month November 11, 2022

Cloud orchestration is the process of automating the management of cloud resources. This can include everything from provisioning and configuring new resources to monitoring and managing...

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