Corporate ID

In Corporate ID, we help corporates to secure themselves from thefts, frauds and other resource duplication issues.

It has also become a quality standard that enterprises need to take care of employee security and benefits in a structured manner. We bring in mutli-modal biometrics in a combination to enrol and authenticate employees. We create a database with biometrics of all employees which can be used in multiple ways

Our Corporate ID solutions include:
Time & Attendance: You can keep a detailed track of time and attendance of employees without a chance of duplication or proxy. It keeps a check on employees and helps increase productivity.
Access Control: You can define access paths to employees based on their work role and limitations. You have a detailed log at every access point to monitor who passed through at any given point of time.
Blacklist & Watchlist: You can blacklist or watchlist employees who has a bad record or have a suspicious record at work place.
Visitor Management: You can keep track of visitors and enrol frequent visitors to your premises. You can control their access at your premises.
Alert Management: When someone forces on a biometric device or if there is any issue with device performance, it raises an alert to the central admin.
Payroll Management: Payroll can be process on the attached biometric time and attendance record accurately. They get paid only for what they are supposed to.
Reporting: A dashboard view of corporate biometric operations is shown to the senior management or authorized leadership. It is a customizable dashboard as per your need.