Role of Biometric Security in New Normal

calendar_month August 8, 2020

The world’s changed greatly ever since Covid-19 forced people to work from their homes and socially isolate themselves. People who used to work in the same office now had to communicate via great distances to work.

Big and small businesses both suffered. Even after people started returning to their normal lives, it became apparent that the new normal was here to stay.

How are biometric security and Covid-19 related?

 Biometric security uses your biological features to authenticate entry to a facility or place. Its demand grew during the coronavirus pandemic. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, contactless authentication became important.

Biometric applications like thermal scanners became commonly used in airports. Fingerprint sensors and other touch-based forms of security suffered during this period. Instead, businesses started to integrate the use of facial recognition and voice recognition devices.

Contactless biometric security solutions ensure that people and businesses don’t have to worry about catching the infection. There is no need for the individual to interact with anyone or touch any surface during the authentication process. Contactless security solutions saw increased demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this is due to continue.

Travel and Biometric Security in the New Normal

The travel industry has changed greatly due to coronavirus pandemic. Travel is a necessary part of life, but for weeks the streets were deserted. People are still reluctant to travel. The world is gradually opening up to traveling. However

Travel security has become more important now. People want to feel safe while traveling. They don’t want to risk catching Covid-19 on the plane or while using public transportation.

That is why facial recognition biometric security applications have become more popular. The biometric security industry has become an important part of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. And the industry’s growth is unlikely to slow down in the post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Voice Recognition and Phone Interactions

During the coronavirus pandemic, phishing became very common. More people were spending time online. Scammers and phishers saw this as an opportunity to trick people. Voice Recognition has helped avert this. Its use is also becoming more normal, as a way to increase security over conversations on the phone.

Biometric Security and Covid-19: Why it’s here to stay

Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted people’s daily lives. There’s still no set date when the coronavirus pandemic will end. This means that people have to be cautious while venturing out. Biometric Security was the answer to this problem. This is set to grow in the upcoming post-COVID-19 world as well.

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