Recent trends in Biometric Identity Management

calendar_month September 10, 2019

There is a lot of research and innovation happening in all corners of biometric identity management to make authentication more convenient and secure. The need for human identification is increasing in frequency every year. With this advancement, we are witnessing some trends and also in the process are redefining the way we identify humans.

From ancient times, we knew fingerprint has been a source of primary identification and then we have seen the success of iris identification on big time. As we get into future we are seeing new trends of serving the same purpose.  Some of the trends have been listed below:

Biometrics on Mobile:

Biometric systems from the past were mostly performed in a controlled environment. With the advancement of needs, many times biometric identification might need to be performed in an open environment. In such a case mobile biometrics can be effective to speed up the identification process.

Biometrics on Cloud:

When you talk of mobile biometrics, it is important we catch to the pace of mobile advancements. Identification speeds up when pairing of mobile devices with the cloud server for fast and secure authentication. Instead of having captured biometrics placed on a local server for authentication, having them on a centrally accessible cloud server is very secure and reliable.

Facial Recognition:

The facial recognition system is a modern-day technology capable of smartly identifying and verifying a person from an image or video. They work by comparing selected facial features from a given source image with the database of already captured features. It is also described as a biometric artificial intelligence that can identify a person based on facial textures and shape.

Touchless Fingerprint System:

Fingerprints have been around since ages and common interpretation, fingerprints are based on touch. Initially, fingerprints are captured through touching a device and later authenticated at every stage again by touching a device. The advancement today is talking about a touchless fingerprint identification. A touchless fingerprint recognition system would allow users to gain access to secured systems by simply waving their hands at the source.

Blink to Banking:

This is a facial matching based system. Blink here means more of ensuring liveliness of the person through the intelligent matching of the captured facial image. This ensures to avoid situations of capturing a photo of a photo thereby ensuring liveliness.

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