How does Live Scan Fingerprinting work?

calendar_month September 19, 2020

Live Scan fingerprinting is increasingly replacing traditional ink fingerprinting. It is a process of digital fingerprinting. Some states now require live Scan digital fingerprinting in place of traditional ink fingerprinting. It is required in paper works and documentation such as state-issued volunteer work, employment, and licenses. When the scanned fingerprints of an applicant are transmitted to a government agency, a history background check of the applicant is performed with the help of an Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Live scan has several advantages over ink fingerprinting. The image quality in it is far better, and the turnaround time is considerably less.

Earliest Live Scan Process

California was the earliest state to require a live scan. Live Scan has been in existence in California since 1997. Live scan fingerprints are not allowed across borders. The state governments do not allow it. The fingerprints must be taken and received in the same state. That is, the transaction must be in the same state. Businesses in outside states cannot transmit fingerprints to the state that requires it. However, many states accept fingerprinting from applicants not located within the same state. You may contact your requesting agency to know what you can do if you are not located in the state.

How Do You Get Finger Printed

You will receive a request for “Live Scan Service” from the agency where you have applied. You need to fill out the form provided. You will also find a list of agencies you can contact for live fingerprinting. You may go there with necessary documents such as a valid photo ID. This could be your state-issued ID or your DL.

Live scan is the same as live scan fingerprinting. It is an electronic method to capture fingerprints for several purposes, including criminal history background checks before completion of certifications, licenses, and employment paper works required by the state or the federal agencies.

How Long Does it Take

It does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.

You need to carry the Live Scan Service Form with the applicant’s details filled in. You also need to bring your valid photo ID. You have to show your details to the Live Scan Operator, who will enter your details in the system and capture your fingerprints on the scanner. The captured fingerprints are then sent to the centre where your fingerprints are matched to the database of criminal history for comparison. It may take up to 30 days to be delivered to the employer or requesting agency from there.