How does Iris Recognition System Work?

calendar_month June 17, 2022

Iris Recognition is a fool proof biometric based identity solution. It is the process of taking a high contrast photo of a person’s Iris and storing in the database, which later is used for authentication purpose. Authentication process by capturing a person’s Iris on need basis and compares with the original Iris patterns previously stored in the database. If the patterns match then the person is authenticated/ identified.

It is a form of biometric technology like fingerprint recognition and facial recognition. Experts claim iris scanning technology is effective for law enforcement where it allows respective officials to compare iris images of suspects with existing database of criminal iris and confirm the identity of a person. This technology is called fool proof unlike fingerprint as Iris is the only internal organ in the body which is visible outside. If anyone tries to tamper iris they lose their eyesight.

How does it work?

  • We need high resolution Iris capture cameras and hardware infrastructure to store the Iris patterns we capture in sequential manner
  • Once we have the infrastructure, we will need to train the manpower who will work on the infrastructure.
  • Then run a campaign to capture the Iris patterns of both left eye and right eye in a sequential manner
  • The captured patterns are stored in a highly secure and scalable database.
  • The patterns are processed with multiple match points and data points. The left eye and Right eye Iris patterns of the same person are totally different.
  • De-Duplication is performed to remove the repetitive patterns from the database.
  • At the time of authentication of a person, again his Iris image is captured using long distance cameras, the captured pattern is then compared with the original pattern stored in database.
  • If the patterns match, then the person is identified and authenticated. 
  • In a nut shell, this is how an Iris Recognition works

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