How biometrics is contributing to a green revolution?

calendar_month December 9, 2022

Biometric authentication has become a common practice in most companies. The increase in risks have led to companies adopting stringent security practices to safeguard themselves and their data. Biometric authentication is one of the most secure ways of managing access control.

Did you know biometrics is contributing to a green revolution in the world? Yes, the adoption of biometrics by businesses across the world has been a boost for the environment. There are different ways in which the environment is benefited by biometrics. When you look at these benefits, you will understand how a green revolution is happening.

Biometrics and the environment

Avoids carbon impressions

The use of biometrics ensures the least carbon impressions as compared to other methods. Biometric devices utilize the least power. They do not require any resource that has a negative impact on the environment. There is no ink, paper, or color used. Further, the consoles used are made of components that last long and can be reused.

Cuts down paper work

A manual system of attendance used to call for a lot of paperwork. Reams of papers, files, and log books were maintained. All these have been replaced with biometric systems with data being stored electronically. This has reduced the need for paper and saved many trees from being cut down. It also saves a lot of expenses for companies, allowing them to spend money on more useful things.

Zero wastage

There is hardly any wastage with the use of biometrics. There are no access cards, log books, or any other such systems needed. All that is needed is a device to record biometrics and software to authenticate it. It is a simple process that is secure and robust.

Ensures maximum security

Safety and security are key requirements in every organization. Biometrics help ensure this. With a biometric system, there is no chance of anyone gaining access without authorization. It also prevents duplication of information that can have a negative impact on the environment.

It works in all conditions

A significant benefit of biometrics is that it works in all conditions. Whether the environment is dry or wet, it does not impact the working of biometric systems. Weather conditions do not make an impact on biometrics and do not call for any other protocols to be implemented. Whether fingerprints are used or iris/face scanning is used for authentication, it happens without being affected by any environmental changes.

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