Applications that use Facial Recognition

calendar_month September 22, 2019

About 7 years ago, the world was taken by surprise when Google announced a breakthrough that their AI models have learned to identify cats on YouTube. This is a classic example of the advancement of technology. There was plenty of research to correctly identify a human face from a couple of decades. There are a number of methods to make it easier to identify face. Let’s look at some major applications of facial recognition systems:

Security and Défense

The most common use of facial recognition is as a security feature of personal mobile devices. It is also used to grant people access into government buildings, sensitive areas so on. Law enforcement agencies use facial recognition to identify goons to keep the law under check. It plays a key role in Immigration and Homeland security.

Retail and Marketing

It is used to reduce shoplifting by 30% in retail outlets. The system is used to compare the faces of walking in and compare with the faces of people having such history in seconds. Through facial recognition, marketers can collect data such as age, gender, and ethnicity to more effectively target their advertisements.


This is by far one of the most important applications of facial recognition technology. Doctors and officials can use this technology to access patient medical records and thereby dragonise accordingly. If this technology is thoroughly implemented, fatal diseases can be cured at an early stage.


Hospitality business lies on details of the customer. In the cut-throat competition, service providers are looking at advanced technologies like facial recognition to make a difference to their customers. The application of facial recognition technology brings in possibilities that are endless.

The technology can be used to record customer demographics, preferences, provide secure and thereby automate check-ins and checkouts. This leaves the customers excited and leads to returning customers from time to time.

Like many innovations, facial recognition has made an impactful noise in the market. Application of facial recognition is only going to increase in the future. It is meant to touch every aspect of life. Like it or not, this innovation is here to stay. They keep us safer and make our lives interactive. The future looks bright and soon we will be seeing it working wonders through integration with other related innovations.

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