Applications of biometrics in the Security of Manufacturing Industry

calendar_month March 21, 2022

Automation is the new way to increase the capabilities regarding production in many industries. The application of biometrics as security is gaining more power because of the better processing of internal control. Recently in many types of research, it has been found that 49% of the manufacturers have encountered cyber-attack. 24% of those who have experienced hacking have suffered either customer or financial losses. 

Manufacturing industries are more concerned about the data, and computer integrated systems and biometrics has made the work easier. Hence, biometric security is much needed for the manufacturing industry. 

How Biometrics Improve the Manufacturing Industry?

Biometrics is the new trend in most industries, primarily for verification and authentication. There are various scenarios in the manufacturing industry that show why biometrics is important and how it can improve the manufacturing industry. So, let’s have a look at how biometrics can be used in a variety of ways.

Biometrics for Marking the Attendance

Some companies choose to mark the attendance by fingerprint punching machine. But where is the punching machine lacking? In manufacturing industries, people are more into construction and other related things; employees use gloves, or their hands could be greasy, which creates difficulty in recognizing the scanner.

So, what is the best solution? Facial recognition is one of the best solutions. They are convenient and contactless. In addition, AI-supported face recognition has made the work easier.

Biometric System Prevents from Cyber Attack

Many industries, including manufacturing, are more concerned about their data. Hence biometrics for them is one of the best solutions. As an organization, you cannot alone rely on data passwords as once the hackers get access to the network, it becomes easy for them to crack passwords. Therefore, biometrics is considered the safest method compared to traditional authentication methods.

Restrictive to Certain Areas

Manufacturing plants use extensive amounts of oil, gas, chemicals, etc. A team of well-trained people operates and the access to operate it. But how do biometrics help? Biometric Authentication restricts one person to a certain location that becomes safer from the company’s point of view.

The manufacturing industry has a major role in the substantial growth of businesses worldwide. This increased the connectivity of equipment and software.

Hence, biometric and computer integrated systems are needed. Furthermore, different types of applications and devices are used for the manufacturing units, for instance, control systems, bio-login devices, etc. This will help beef up the security measures and bolster the safety of the equipment and people alike.

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