Advantages of Multi-Modal Biometrics

calendar_month September 5, 2020

The main advantage of multimodal biometrics is they can identify you by who you are and not by what you know or what you have. Multimodal biometrics are a superior solution for every industry that demands higher accuracy as well as security. Overall, biometrics offer several advantages over unimodal systems. Here is a look at the main advantages of multimodal biometrics.

Accuracy Assured

The first thing that makes multimodal biometrics more advantageous than unimodal systems is it uses information from at least two biometric sources. These could be:

• Your fingerprint

• Your finger vein pattern

• Your fingerprint as well as your voice and iris.

The result is almost nil failure to enroll. Even better, there are virtually no false non-matching rates or false match rates.

Better recognition

With multimodal biometrics, you also get greater accuracy when verifying or identifying people. Since multimodal biometrics rely on several biometric traits, authenticating the identity of the person occurs in a more reliable and improved manner.

Greater Security

With many modes of identification, the system can preserve greater threshold recognition settings. The system administrator sets the level of security required. If an identifier does not pass the test for some reason, the system can use another identifier to identify the person more accurately.

Lower Vulnerability

Most unimodal systems are prone to spoofing. However, with a multimodal biometrics system, the potential threat of fakes or synthetic fingers being cloned with a plastic mould is much less. This is because the multimodal biometric system knows the difference between a life as well as an artificial sample.

Widespread User Acceptance

Since multimodal biometrics are much more accurate as well as reliable, you have more security options. Not only does multimodal biometrics avoid spoofing, but they are also widely accepted across industries and borders.

The bottom line is multimodal biometrics offer greater reliability and accuracy. All that you need to do is ensure that your system does not threaten a person’s privacy or information. In industries in which security is of paramount importance, there is no better option than multimodal biometrics. It should not surprise you that such systems are widely being used in advanced nations like the USA and Japan. These and other advanced countries are using such systems in the healthcare and civil identification systems. Multimodal biometrics are now being used for voter registration and national IDs. They are also the preferred option for e-Passports and national healthcare.